Supportgroup Dance or Die…

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What is the supportgroup Dance or Die?

We started our support when Ahmad Joudeh arrived in Amsterdam.

When Ahmad came to Holland in 2016 the National Ballet created a fund to pay for his living and study. But Ahmad also had to provide for his mom and family in Syria (being head of the family). To do so our charity  foundation “Stichting Vrolijke Wetenschap” (on ANBI-list) created a small personal fund with friends to cover those costs: “the Ahmad family”.

In December 2017 we decided to create a bigger
more professional project called “Supportgroup Dance or Die”.

Purpose of “Supportgroup Dance or Die” is:
1  to support Ahmads mom in Syria
2  for Ahmad to create his own projects
3  to help Ahmad build an organisation so he
can start his own independant dancecompany

How we support Ahmad Joudeh:
We like to help Ahmad financially as well as
with knowhow and personal assistance.

For example we now created his website with an archive of
all of his work and latest news.

The philosophy behind”Supportgroup Dance or Die”:
Our goal is to create an environment for Ahmad to fly without crashing.

We support his mission to bring his message to the world: “Dance or Die… how to be free in a prison.”
A message we think to be important, because it tells us to choose ART instead of weapons, CREATION instead of destruction and to let everyone be and be themselves.

Ahmad Joudeh has a way to bring this message to the hearts of people through his story.
We have no other or bigger goal than to support Ahmad on his mission until he can support

Your donations:
All gifts will go directly to Ahmad and his mom, we take no organisation costs.

You can donate directly with ideal or credit card

Membership of Supportgroup Dance or Die:
You can become a member by donating regularly to
Stichting Vrolijke Wetenschap
NL54 TRIO 039 047 18 87 (BIC:TRIONL2U)
remark: Project Dance or Die

You can also become a member by donating your craftmanship or time.
All your help is greatly appreciated!

If you want to become a member,
please send your name and emailaddress to:

You will get updates on how Ahmad is doing and we will invite you to a special meet and greet later this year just for members of the supportgroup.

Last updated July 7 2018